Because Trajanum is a student basketball association and uses the facilities of the Radboud Sports Center, every member must have a sports card from the RSC. You can do this here .

The rates for this are as follows:

CategoryPrice per yearPrice per month
Student subscription RU/HAN/other WO €134,- €20,10
Alumni RU/HAN x+1 €134,- €20,10
Alumni other WO/HBO x+1 €201,- €23,50
Alumni x+2 €268,- €26,95
Alumni x+3 €402,- €33,75
Exception clause €201,- €23,50

In addition, you pay a contribution to the NBB and the association. The subscription terms for the 2022-2023 season are as follows:

Men 1€230,-
Men 2€200,-
Men 3€200,-
Men 4€170,-
Men 5€85,-
Women 1€230,-
Women 2€85,-
Training member 1x€85,-
Training member 2x€100,-

At the start of the season, an email will follow with the dates on which the contribution will be debited, and a reminder will follow 2 weeks before each collection.